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After Your Driving Lessons with Rijschool Diazoni in Amstelveen it’s Finally Time For: Tests

What does getting your driver’s license entail? After you’ve completed your driving lessons with Rijschool Diazoni in Amstelveen and are ready for it, it’s time for your driving tests. In order to get your driver’s licence you’ll need to take a theory and practical driving test. And pass it, of course! We won’t only just help you pass, we’ll provide you with helpful information as well.

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The moment is finally here: time for your theory test.

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What Happens at the Test Center?

Make sure to arrive at the test center at least fifteen minutes before your test starts. At the CBR, you’ll first register at the reception, where someone will also check your ID card. Please ensure to bring a valid proof of ID with you. After this check, you’ll be assigned a number for a table where you’ll take your test. The use of mobile devices is prohibited during the test. In some test centers you’ll have access to a locker where you can store your belongings.

How Does the Theory Test Work?

Your theory test lasts about 45 minutes and is comprised of multiple choice, yes/no, and fill-in questions. For every question you’ll be shown a driving situation on a huge television screen. Imagine you are the driver in every situation shown.

Any Questions?

The Theory Test Consists of 3 Parts:

  1. Hazard Perception Test You’ll get 25 hazard perception-related questions, and will only have 8 seconds to answer each one. This might not sound like a lot of time, but on the road you’ll have even less time to make decisions! At least 13 questions need to be answered correctly to pass.
  2. Traffic Rules and Insights You’ll get 28 questions about traffic rules and 10 questions about traffic insights. At least 35 questions need to be answered correctly in order to pass.
  3. Knowledge In this section you show that you can recognize facts and rules and are able to name them. You get 12 questions, of which you have to get 10 or more questions correct.

Classical or Private

The theory test can either be taken classically or privately. During the classical test, you’ll take the test in a hall with other candidates. If you opt for a private test, you’ll take it alone in the presence of a CBR employee. The type of test you choose has no influence on the type of questions you’ll be asked.


The results

You’ll get your results within minutes of completing your theory test. So you’ll know right away whether you’ve passed or failed. You can also see how many questions you’ve answered incorrectly, which is especially useful when you’ve not passed. Then you know exactly which areas you need to focus your study on. Did you pass? Congratulations! We’ll register this in our system. Your results for the theory test is only valid for 1,5 years, so make sure you pass your practical test before it’s too late.


We advise that you study the material well so that you don’t get any surprises during your test. How you study is up to you, but we’ll help you prepare for the theory test with iTheory.

  • Take theory lessons from iTheory with us alongside your practical lessons. This increases your chances of passing both tests considerably.
  • Learn the theory with the help of a driving theory book. You can buy theory books from us, or from an (online) bookstore and publishers of road traffic resources. There are also CD-Roms with study material available.
  • Follow an online course and practise. There are many websites offering these types of courses.
  • All traffic rules and road signs meanings can be found on the national government's website.
  • Study material from iTheory can be purchased from us.


After completing your driving lessons you’re finally ready for: the practical test.

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Start of the Practical Test

A regular practical test takes about 55 minutes. Ensure that you’re there a good fifteen minutes in advance so that you can calmly prepare for the test. Your driving instructor from Rijschool Diazoni may join you for the ride and be present at the final interview with the examiner. Don’t forget to bring a valid proof of ID and a self-reflection form from the CBR with you.

What Does the Practical Test Look Like?

First you’ll meet your examiner who’ll explain the test procedure. You’ll then submit your self-reflection form to the examiner. The content of this form will be discussed at the end of your test. The examiner will also check your ID and if you have passed your theory test.

At the parking lot you’ll have an eye test. You must be able to read the license plate number of a car about 25 meters away. Following the eye test the examiner will ask you a few questions in preparation for the ride. These questions can be about the lights on the dashboard, or checking motor fluid, for example. Then your ride will begin! For about 10-15 minutes you’ll drive independently to a designated location. The examiner will check if you can drive safely, independently, while taking into account other road users. 

The Important Focus Points:

  • Driving away
  • Driving on both straight and winding roads
  • Your behaviour near or at intersections
  • Entering and exiting a road
  • Overtaking and changing lanes
  • Your behaviour at or near special road situations
  • Special maneuvers

During the test you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your driving skills. Your test doesn’t need to be faultless. It’s more about the overall picture. The most important thing is how you respond to traffic on the road and how you master the situation.

In short: the examiner assesses whether you have enough knowledge and the skill to drive safely and independently.

The Results

You’ll find out if you have passed at the CBR exam center directly after you’ve completed your test.

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